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Welcome to I.S.H.

We manage a professional network to provide and offer services to students.
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Current services

Registration and admission

Unique and integrated access to all educational disciplines and courses, from high school to Ph.D., offers a variety of options to applicants to help them choose their discipline or courses correctly.

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Scholarship and grants

Unique and integrated access to all grant and scholarship plans is very practical. Using this service, applicants who need financial support during their education will no longer face the past problems.

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Organization of activities

The unique access provided by this service makes it possible for students to benefit from online (or face-to-face) courses of the educational centers, and the past problems won’t hinder their success.

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Coming services


Our accommodation service will be launched soon. In addition to saving students time searching for a suitable place to live, this service will also save them a considerable amount of money.

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Our insurance service will be launched soon. This service will help students choose a right insurance service provider and suitable plans based on their situation. They will no longer be confused about this.

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Our services are available in these countries

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+ 6,000



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Our method

We provide our services to all students through our Partners worldwide.

Cooperation with us
  • Goals

    Our main goal is to create and develop services designed to solve various problems of students. We pursue this goal in two ways, firstly, expanding the scope of activity and secondly, developing a worldwide service network that will make it easier for all applicants to access these services.

  • Plans

    Our plans are in fact the steps we have defined to achieve the mentioned goals. We intend to expand our current and future services in Austria and Germany, and also, according to studies, to launch these services in some other countries. Our services in these countries are provided by companies and institutions that provide special services to applicants.

  • Actions

    We take key actions to ensure that the various affairs of the applicants are carried out at the highest quality level. Using the capabilities of the digital world and designing various processes in the my I.S.H. portal, from the beginning to the end, we expose the processes and steps of applicants to our partners in a very simple way. The purpose of these actions was to simplify and carefully design to facilitate user access; As a result, applicants' access to the service they need will be facilitated.

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