Our story


By telling a story, we want to introduce our group and how it is formed, because the main reason for forming our group lies at the heart of this story. Our other goal is to share with you the great feeling we have of working in this group by expressing what has happened to us.

I.S.H. is the result of the personal experiences, communication, conversation, and research of many students who came to Vienna from various cities and countries many years ago to continue their education.

Some of them got to know each other and formed a group that gradually developed over time as their relationships with each other increased. The similarity of the members of this group was that all of them were continuing their education; most of them were young and did not have enough experience in various aspects of life.


Over time and during these relationships, as these friends shared their bitter and sweet experiences, they realized that in fact, the root of all the problems that arose for each of them was the same while appearing in different forms.

That's why they decided to investigate further and started the initial research in this field. The more information they gained, the more motivated they became to go forward. This research and its results were so important to them that one of them said, "It seems that the only reason we met and talked was just to follow these issues."


At first, these friends thought that only students who move to another city or country to continue their education would face these problems. But when they met new friends and gained more experience by studying, it turned out that the initial idea was not correct. Almost all students had the same problems.

Although a large portion of students' time and lives are spent studying, does not someone who is studying need other things in life? It is clear that students will also need housing, employment, and other essential aspects of life.

The band members themselves had these needs and everyone was looking for support, not financial support, but humanitarian support!

Unfortunately, in addition to education-related issues, other unnecessary [but preventable] problems can occur in students' lives and these can harm them.

Our CEO, Mohammadsepehr Shahbazi, quotes what we all know and clearly shows how a confused student can feel:

"I remember coming to Vienna with great enthusiasm at the age of 18. My only goal was to continue my education and make my dreams come true. But as I went along this path, I felt pessimistic because of the problems I had and I could not trust anyone."


All of this constant research, bitter or sweet feelings and experiences created a dream to move forward. A dream that at first seemed very difficult and perhaps unattainable, but today is the most important reason for the activities of the I.S.H..

We started in early 2013 and at that time we were providing services to students and applicants to study in Austria.

After a while, with more experience in this field and due to our great motivation, with a clear vision and plans for the services we intended to provide, we finally established the I.S.H. in Vienna on 18.05.2018.



Today, we manage a professional network to provide and offer services to students around the world.

Our mission today is to focus on students' problems and try to solve them.

All we want is to support and help the students. We currently offer these services to students in Austria and Germany, but we are trying to expand the geographical scope of our services and activities.

The goal of the I.S.H. group is not to amass wealth. We believe in what we do, otherwise there are many easier ways to make money. Our organizational slogan is: "From students, for students", which means that we were part of the student community and now we serve them. Our activities, the challenges we have gone through, and the problems we will face in the future show that we love our work. Without this love, we would definitely not be able to continue, and today there was no group called I.S.H..


We have reduced the price of the services we provide to facilitate access for all students, and we only offer these services through partners who work with us around the world. In this way, many applicants around the world will have easy access to our services. On the other hand, we believe that the development of the service delivery network through partners around the world will reduce the final price of these services. Most importantly, this method is a kind of financial aid to applicants. Of course, other issues such as clarifying the path of education and life of applicants, facilitating the decision-making process, and reducing the risks associated with it are also among the benefits of this method.

Access to this tool is only possible for the members.