If you currently provide services to students or intend to do so in the future, you can cooperate with us.
This cooperation will make it easier for your applicants to access the services they need.
Please read the "Cooperation with I.S.H." brochure and if you agree, fill in your cooperation request form and send it to us.

Cooperation request form

Please ensure that the requested information is entered correctly to prevent any errors in the process of reviewing your application. Please check your email after submitting your request to make sure your request has been successfully submitted.


This page is about answering your Frequently Asked Questions. We invite you to share your other questions with us through the "contact us" page.

We, as I.S.H., are a registered company in Vienna, Austria.

We manage a professional network to provide and offer services to students.

Currently running our services in Germany and Austria.

Yes, any student who wants to continue their education in our scope countries can benefit from these services.

We provide our services to applicants indirectly through our partners worldwide.

We have chosen the indirect service method so that we can focus on our core business and also provide cross-border access for more applicants.

You can receive and read the relevant brochure from the "Cooperation with us" page. You can also send us your request by filling out the form embedded on this page.

Fill out the cooperation request form on the "Cooperation with us" page and send it to us.

Our staff will review the information on the cooperation request form you sent and if cooperation is possible between us, will send you the relevant contract.

Yes, your application will not be accepted if our staffs determine that it is not possible to cooperate with you based on organizational guidelines and legal requirements. The results will be reported to you.

The cooperation contract between us and you is a simple agreement based on the requirements of international law. This contract enables cooperation between the parties at the international level.

The documents required to enter into a contract will vary depending on whether you are a natural or legal person. Generally; Providing identification and employment documents is required for this contract. After reviewing your request, our staff will send you a detailed checklist of the required documents.

No, there is no fee for concluding a cooperation agreement, but if the conditions for cooperation are met, the annual membership fee must be paid at the same time as sending the agreement and documents.

The membership fee is the cost of your membership in the I.S.H. platform, which is paid annually by the partners.

The annual membership fee is € 140 (net).

After the contract is concluded and you send us the required documents, we will follow up on all the administrative affairs necessary to start the cooperation.

The administrative affairs related to the contract are: obtaining legal approval and sending the contract to Austria for documentation (we will do these steps ourselves), as well as activating your user panel in the my I.S.H. portal.

Yes, this cost is calculated for translating the contract into German, obtaining various approvals from government offices and also sending these documents to Austria.

Administrative fees are paid by us.

You will have access to all its services and sub-categories through the “my I.S.H.” portal on our website. To do the work of your applicants, you can register a project for each of them through this panel and select the services they need. Through this platform, you can order the services required by the applicants step by step with full details (for example, admission services, degree, disciplines and all related details).

Designing the my I.S.H. portal, we intend to facilitate all affairs related to applicants; Affairs such as financial transactions (payment of services), case tracking and support, sending documents, and correspondence.

For more information about the capabilities of the my I.S.H. portal, you can take a look at the introduction section of my I.S.H. page.

No, please pay attention to the answer to this question. Applying for a residence permit is only allowed by the applicant, and this request is a direct link between the applicant and the relevant residence administrative office in the destination country, so not only we, but no other person / organization / company, etc. can interfere in this process.

Our business model is designed in such a way that we won’t directly get in contact with service applicants and all work will be pursued only through our partners.

No, I.S.H. will not interfere in the contract and agreements between you and your applicants.

After our staff approves the project you have submitted related to the services required by the applicants, you will pay the fee.

If for any reason, we were unable to provide the services required by the applicant, the fees paid will be refunded.

For more information on this, refer to the "Legal Information" page that we have placed on our website.

The contract, designed for cooperation, takes into account all the requirements of international law and is not in conflict with any other law.

The original cooperation contract has been drafted in English, but another copy has been translated into your language and will be provided to you so that you can more easily review its provisions.

To facilitate the adaptation of the terms of the contract to the translated version, and also because English is an international language, we have drafted a cooperation contract in English.

Information and data protection policies are adopted under the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulations) in European Union. For more information, you can refer to the "Legal Information" page on our website. In this section, more details are provided.

Yes, Austria and Germany have issued student registration and entry permits since September 2020.

Access to this tool is only possible for the members.